maintenACT is an application that manages the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance process, technical assistance, machines or systems support carried away "onsite", in other words to the customer's headquarters or to the plant location. It has been designed for companies operating in the area.

Who is it for?

maintenACT uses technology as a tool to support the collaboration of the various actors in the maintenance process, whether they are customers, plant operators, off-site internal or external service technicians, on-site call center operators, service managers.

maintenACT manages processes in an active way. In fact, thanks to a notifications system by e-mail and/or SMS, users don’t always have to be connected to the application.
The product can be used by any company of any size, in order to better organize your maintenance processes.

In addition to the highly parametric process’ total coverage and low start-up costs, maintenACT leverages active collaboration technology:

  • It manages the end-to-end service and the maintenance process, allowing issues to be identified as they occur.

  • It allows the involved actors' collaboration, including the machines subject to maintenance which, if equipped with local intelligence, allows remote assistance and remote control.

  • It is active because it notifies actors that some interesting event has occurred even when they are not connected to the application, enabling 24/7 operation.

Commercial information

The maintenACT product is supplied under license, with costs commensurate with the number of nominal users managed by the system. From a functional point of view, the following modules are available:

  • Basic module: it is the fundamental module of the System. It includes all the main functions necessary for the Assistance Service’s activities management, such as:

    • Help Desk (Call Center) and ticketing;

    • customers, machines, systems and technicians registries;

    • acceptance, diagnosis and assignment of interventions;

    • final balance of materials, times and business travel;

    • interventions valorisation;

    • spare parts management;

    • price lists;

    • offers;

    • contracts;

    • technicians' calendar and external CATs;

    • notifications, escalations and reminders;

    • scheduled and on-call maintenance.

  • SPD form: it allows the parametric definition and formalization of the various service processes WorkFlow.

  • mACT Mobile: it allows mobile technicians to interact with the system using tablets and smartphones. Apps available for Android and iOS.

  • mACT SIGN: it allows the final customer’s signature to be collected directly on the intervention report image presented on tablet/smartphone. By using specific collection procedures and methods, the collected signature gains Advanced Electronic Signature value, which replaces the paper signature in compliance with law.

  • mACT Attachments: it makes it possible to manage large quantities of all types and sizes attachments, thanks to the use of a dedicated ECM environment fully integrated with management functions.

  • mACT KBase: it allows free text search of the information entered in the system.

  • mACT IOT: it provides the interface and protocols (optional) in order to communicate with remote control systems. It allows the acquisition, cataloging and logging of all remote events, and the generation of intervention requests directly from the remote controlled systems.

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