ePLUS is the service for the dematerialisation of IT document management processes. Creation, control, approval workflow, signing, storage, all in the same service.

Who is it for?

ePLUS is the Entaksi service which allows you to control through a single application the document management, the electronic signature and regulatory preservation. Thanks to this service, it is possible to dematerialize one’s own processes linked to paper documents, operating only in a digital way with simplicity and security.

The features of the service are:

  • management of your computer archive, with sharing and exchange of documents thanks to specific workflows;

  • organization of the content with folders, clearly visible in tree diagrams;

  • use of all types of electronic signature (simple, advanced, qualified and seal), with the possibility of affixing multiple and repeated signatures;

  • definition of access rights and document visibility criteria;

  • "full text" or metadata search for your own documents;

  • digital signature of the uploaded analog expense report;

  • creation of the Submission Information Packages (SIP) with attributes;

  • release of the digitally signed Deposit Receipt;

  • archiving and indexing of the IT documents based on the defined attributes;

  • execution of the storage process, which provides the creation of the Archival Information Packages (AIP) the index generation according to SiNCRO standard, the affixing of digital signature and timestamp, the saving of the Archival Information Packages on a support with characteristics of high reliability and permanence of the data, for a contractually established period;

  • possibility to create the Dissemination Information Packages (DIP) on demand;

  • reception of parameterizable notifications by the system.

Commercial information

The ePLUS service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided according to the amount, also including the cost of the timestamps used during the storage process.

The ePLUS service is offered in two ways:

  • ePLUS Studi, specifically aimed at professional Firms, whose fee is fixed based on the number of the Customers companies of the Firm managed with the service;

  • ePLUS Aziende, aimed precisely at the companies, whose fee is determined on the basis of the space occupied by the documents managed by the service.

Optional add-ons are available for the progressive extension of service coverage.

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