Mact Mobile


maintenACT Mobile, the application for technical assistance and maintenance management of machines and plants in full mobility. All necessary information directly at the customer's site, with built-in Advanced Electronic Signature support.

Who is it for?

maintenACT is the application that manages the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance process, technical assistance, machines or plants support carried away "onsite", in other words to the customer’s headquarters or to the location of the plant.

In the context of product development, Entaksi Solutions has developed the maintenACT Mobile software environment, which can be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It also allows the execution of the main functions necessary for the technician working in the field, such as interventions consultation to be performed, reporting, signing the intervention report, sending the signed form to the maintenACT server.

The product constitutes the "onsite" extension of maintenACT, and can be used as such by any company of any size, in order to better organize their maintenance processes.

Commercial information

The user’s application license is distributed upon payment of an annual fee for each used mobile device.

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