For archiving and digital preservation in comliance with law of the Company Certified Electronic Mail there is the ePEC service.

Who is it for?

The ePEC service is the customization of the eCON preservation service of Entaksi for the Certified Electronic Mail.

The Italian regulation of the PEC certified mail use is contained in the Presidential Decree February 11, 2005, n. 68.
For further information on current legislation, you can visit the section dedicated to the Certified Electronic Mail on the Digital Agency for Italy website.

The service allows you to preserve your PEC documents in accordance with the law, through the functions of digital documents management and preservation of the Entaksi Console, a web interface in SaaS mode, active 24/7.
The documents maintain their legal value and the characteristics of authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility, availability, provided for by current legislation.
ePEC has REST API services for integrating with third-party document management systems. It can also be integrated with other Entaksi services.

The features of the service are:

  • automatic or manual submission of Certified Electronic Mail emails;

  • creation of the Submission Information Package (SIP) with the related archiving metadata and release of the Deposit Receipt, digitally signed;

  • archiving and indexing of documents based on the defined attributes;

  • execution of the preservation process;

  • search functions that allow you to filter documents through metadata;

  • possibility of requesting Dissemination Information Packages (DIP) with legal;

  • document monitoring system and possibility of receiving parameterizable notifications by the system;

  • possibility of receiving parameterizable notifications by the system, in correspondence with events regarding the preservation process.

Commercial information

The ePEC service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided according to the amount, also including any costs of the timestamps used during the preservation process.

The fee is determined by the documents stored occupied space (from 1 Gb to 1 Tb), and by the number of users (from 1 up to 1,000 users).

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