eDOC is the document management platform that allows you to improve analogical processes transforming them into paperless solutions. Sharing and immediate availability of documents, process traceability, confidentiality and information security.

Who is it for?

The performance of any structure, company, institution, public administration, is also measured by the ability to best optimize its own document resources. The amount of data and IT documents that are processed nowadays requires a well organized administration.

The eDOC service is designed for anyone who wants to organize their documentary flows in a rational and efficient way.

In fact, organizing and managing a digital archive correctly means productivity and savings.

The eDOC solution provides the customer:

  • effective management, filing and research of processed documents;

  • the easy definition of document processing workflows (e.g. approval process, etc.);

  • possibility of activating the electronic storage process;

  • a scalable solution, in terms of authorized operators and managed documents;

  • minimal impact on existing information systems and information infrastructures;

  • reduction of installation times and costs and certain definition of the management costs of the solution;

  • full compliance with current regulations regarding privacy and location of storage devices;

  • information security and certified service delivery, with higher quality levels to those obtainable in a 'traditional' installation on the Customer’s infrastructure.

Upon request, the possibility of interfacing the eDOC service with the Customer’s management environment may be verified, in order to optimize and speed up the document archiving and management processes.

All Entaksi’s services are designed and built to be integrated through a set of APIs with third-party management environments, in order to allow the user to use the services without leaving the application interface of his management system.

Commercial information

The eDOC service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided according to the amount.
The fee is determined by the allocated space (from 5 Gb to 1 Tb), access users (from 1 to 1,000) and any dedicated add-ons.

For application needs that go beyond the above standards, tailor-made offers can be made.

The cost of training and any customizations requested by the Customer will eventually be the subject of a specific offer.

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