eAMB is the service dedicated to the Waste Identification Forms (FIR) management, sending and storage in compliance with law. Manage the FIR sending by PEC and the storage of its fourth copy in a digitally way.

Who is it for?

The eAMB service allows the Customer to send the fourth Copy of the Waste Identification Form by certified e-mail, and to automatically bring it into legal preservation.
It is also possible to use the digital document storage functions in SaaS mode, in order to search and to view the stored documents.

The eAMB service allows you to send the documents you want to store according to the most suitable formats for long-term preservation.

The features of the eAMB service are:

  • acquisition of the scanned fourth copy of FIR, completed with all the manually annotations made on the original paper;

  • formation of the corresponding electronic document, i.e. a "copy by image of an analog document";

  • sending the electronic document by PEC to the waste producer;

  • sending the formed electronic documents for storage, thanks to the formation of the Submission Information Packages (SIP) with related attributes;

  • release of the digitally signed Deposit Receipt;

  • archiving and indexing of documents based on the defined attributes;

  • execution of the storage process which provides the creation of the Archival Information Packages (AIP) the index generation according to the UNI 11386:2020 SiNCRO standard, the affixing of digital signature and timestamp, the saving of the Archival Information Packages on a support with characteristics of high reliability and permanence of the data and finally the extension of the signature validity until the term of documents preservation.

A fourth copy publication service is also available on a special management system, in order to be able to exhibit quickly the document to all users who may request it.

Through special metadata, it is possible to filter the documents, to obtain Dissemination Information Packages (DIP) with legal value that can be opposed to third parties. In fact, Entaksi’s preservation service guarantees the legal validity of IT documents over time.

Commercial information

The eAMB service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided according to the amount, also including any cost of preparing the IT document from the original analogue one, of sending by PEC (through the Customer or Entaksi mailbox) and of timestamps used during the preservation process.

The fee is determined by the quantity of documents managed in a year, in brackets.

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