In order to compile your electronic invoices, manage and store them, there is eCON FE, the service that allows you to create your electronic invoice in the required format, to send it to the SdI, to deliver it to the recipient and to store it in compliance with the law.

Who is it for?

In addition to being an obligation for some, electronic invoicing can be an opportunity for many.
The eCON FE service eliminates the shipping and handling costs of paper invoices, reduces time of receiving and sending, and complies with the legislation in terms of storage and management of IT documents.
The tax advantages are relevant for everyone, both public administrations and private individuals.

All Entaksi’s services are designed and built to be integrated with third-party management environments thanks to a set of APIs. In this way, the user can use the service without leaving his management system application interface.

As regards specifically the electronic invoice, eCON FE is a service dedicated to management of the entire PA, B2B, B2C electronic invoicing process, starting from the XML file created by the management system, with possible affixing of the electronic signature, sending / receiving of the invoice, file exchange with the SdI and preservation.

The service allows you to create your own electronic invoice, in an environment that is always available in SaaS mode, send it, and monitor its status until it is stored.
Entaksi provides for the signature and the passage to the SdI. The invoice is finally kept for the mandatory 10 years in Entaksi’s regulatory preservation system.

The eCON FE service includes:

  • the manual entry using the FE editor, which allows the creation of invoices, in the formats required by current legislation;

  • the manual documents loading from XML files, generated by other procedures;

  • automatic documents loading by APIs interfaces, structured with other procedures;

  • the signature of invoices in a completely automatic way;

  • sending and receiving electronic invoices through the SdI;

  • verification, control and management of responses from the SdI.

The subsequent phase of invoices preservation, in accordance with the law, is integrated through the eCON service for which Entaksi uses technological infrastructures, that meet the high reliability requirements required by law.

Commercial information

The eCON FE service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided in relation to the amount, also including the costs of signing invoices, intermediation with the SdI and the timestamps used during the preservation process.

The fee is determined by the amount of active and passive invoices managed in a year, in brackets.

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