The eMAN service allows you to create the Preservation Manual in compliance with the AgID Guidelines. Automatic creation and preservation of the manual constantly updated with respect to the evolution of the legislation and the methods of the preservation service submission.

Who is it for?

The "Guidelines on the formation, management and preservation of IT documents" published by AgID on 10/09/2020, in chapter 4.5 "Digital preservation manager" provides that:

'…​In the Public Administration, the preservation manager is a manager or a formally designated internal official with appropriate legal, IT and archiving skills. For subjects other than Public Administration, the role of the preservation manager can be performed by a person external to the organization, in possession of suitable juridical, IT and archiving skills. He must be a third party with respect to the preservation service manager…​.'.

The preservation manager is called to carry out the activities listed in the points from a) to m) of chapter 4.5 of the Guidelines, but almost all of these activities, in particular those from a) to l) (e.g. technical monitoring, generation of payment report, definition of security and technical policies for maintaining the preservation system, etc.) will delegate to the preservation service manager.
The only non-delegable activity, which therefore remains the responsibility of the preservation manager, is that relating to point m). It is the creation and maintenance of the preservation manual in compliance with the criteria defined by the Guidelines.

In order to simplify and support this activity, Entaksi makes eMAN available. With this service it is possible to obtain a manual already compliant with the Guidelines, containing the description of the preservation processes already used. It will also keep constantly updated with respect to changes in the legislation and the methods for providing the preservation service.

Once digitally signed by the preservation manager, the manual will submit using the eCON preservation service provided by Entaksi.

The service includes:

  • entry of the personal data of digital preservation manager and of the company contact person;

  • automatic creation of the Preservation Manual compliant with the AgID Guidelines and constantly updated with respect to changes in the legislation and on the provision of the preservation service;

  • automatic submission to the Preservation System through the creation of the Submission Information Package(SIP);

  • request of the submitted Manuals through a simple application interface.

Commercial information

The eMAN service is provided upon payment of a one-off service setup fee, and an annual fee that covers all document revisions that are released during the year.

The service also includes the preservation of all the elaborated versions and the cost of the timestamps used during the preservation process.

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