About us

Company profile

The company was established in March 2007, and began its activity by taking over from Gruppo Formula SpA, which was the original company of the three founding partners of Entaksi, the company branch relating to the maintenACT product, which represented the initial core business of the company. From 15 October 2021, Entaksi Solutions Srl turns into Entaksi Solutions SpA opening a new phase aimed at making strategic investments for continuous growth of the offer of services and products. Over time, it has differentiated its reference markets, producing software applications aimed at various market segments and Public Administration, such as the management of social and health activities, biometrics or graphometrics advanced electronic signature and, subsequently, offering document management and digital preservation solutions in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services.
Since February 2022 Entaksi has been registered in the Qualified Cloud PA Marketplace.
In November 2022, the Irish branch was opened and equipped with the same level of certification as the Italian office. The branch is then able to manage all the fiduciary services proposed and provided by the headquarters up to now with the same guarantees of reliability and continuity.

Entaksi Solutions brings together highly professional figures with a consolidated background, formed and developed on the real needs of its own Customers' companies. Entaksi’s offer is aimed at large, medium and small private companies and Public Administrations, and it is based on the following fundamental components:

  • dynamism of the structure;

  • high technological specialization;

  • knowledge of current legislation;

  • business management expertise.

Entaksi offers solutions for:

  • management and storage of digital documents;

  • electronic invoicing;

  • electronic signature systems;

  • management of business processes, in particular in the maintenance and social health services sector.