eCON is Entaksi Solutions' certified digital preservation service. It eliminates paper management costs, and keeps your data safe and available whenever you want.

Who is it for?

In order to have legal value, IT documents must possess elements that guarantee their authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability, as required by article 44 of the Digital Administration Code.
Storage must take place in accordance with the provisions of "Guidelines on the formation, management and preservation of IT documents", containing technical rules which apply to both public and private entities.
Furthermore, electronic archiving and digital preservation play a central role in any administrative and business process. To entrust your documents to a person who meets the requirements defined by "Regulation on rules for the provision of IT document storage services" issued by AgID means guaranteeing a secure, certified system for your data, which allows the keeping of your documents over time.

The eCON service consists in the possibility, for the Customer, to use in SaaS mode digital document storage functions through regulatory compliant operating procedures. All types of documents required by law can be stored, maintaining their legal value, as well as documents from other preservation services.

The eCON service allows you to send the documents you want to store according to the most suitable formats for long-term preservation.

Furthermore, Entaksi’s preservation service complies with ETSI EN 319 401 and ETSI TS 119 511 standards, which define the requirements for the provision of the long-term preservation service of signatures and electronic seals, in order to ensure the legal validity of IT documents over time.

The service features are:

  • creation of the Submission Information Packages (SIP) with attributes;

  • release of the digitally signed Deposit Receipt;

  • archiving and indexing of documents based on the defined attributes;

  • execution of the storage process which provides the creation of the Archival Information Packages (AIP), the index generation according to the UNI 11386:2020 SiNCRO standard, the affixing of digital signature and timestamp, the saving of the Archival Information Packages on a support with characteristics of high reliability and permanence of the data and finally the extension of the signature validity until the term of documents preservation.

Entaksi Solutions covers the role of Preservation Service Provider and Preservation Manager as defined in the AgID Guidelines.

All Entaksi’s services are designed and built to be integrated through a set of APIs with third-party management environments, in order to allow the user to use the services without leaving the application interface of his management system.

Commercial information

The eCON service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided according to the amount, also including the cost of the timestamps used during the preservation process.

The fee is determined by the documents stored occupied space (from 1 Gb to 1 Tb), and by the number of users (from 1 up to 1,000 users).

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