In order to record and to manage the IT protocol, there is the ePRI service, which allows you to generate, to manage and to store in accordance with the dematerialized and digitally signed daily protocol register.

Who is it for?

The ePRI service allows the registration and management of the IT protocol, mandatory required at Public Administrations, in order to introduce some benefits including:

  • the integration with the document management system, the reduction of registration times, the document flow management;

  • the time and costs optimisation of citizens and businesses access to proceedings;

  • the increase of transparency and administrative simplification.

Entaksi’s solution integrates the technical specifications required by law with archival requirements, it means with the need to be able to enter, record, archive and retrieve a given document at any time, by interfacing with the document management system, with the preservation system and with the certified and ordinary emails managing forms.

The documents are managed in an unitary archive with the possibility to classify them according to their life cycle in:

  • current archive for documents relating to open and ongoing activities;

  • storage archive for documents still useful for administrative or legal purposes but no longer connected to current activities;

  • historical archive for documents sent in the preservation system.

The service includes:

  • assignment of protocol number to incoming, outgoing and internal documents;

  • classification of documents and assignment to the referred UOA;

  • integrated management of Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) with IT protocolling of received and sent messages;

  • creation, management and preservation of the daily dematerialized protocol register, which is digitally signed;

  • user profiling with the possibility of functions segmentation and segregation based on the type of user;

  • integration with the document management system and related document classification;

  • document search functionality by protocol number and associated metadata;

  • management of the log of the activities carried out.

Commercial information

The ePRI service is provided upon payment of an annual fee, which can be divided according to the amount.
For application needs that go beyond the above standards, tailor-made offers can be formulated.
The cost of training and any customizations requested by the customer will eventually be subject to specific offer.

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