Mact Sign


mACT SIGN is the software application that allows users, by the mobile collection, of to do graphometric signature, directly on the PDF document image. Your signature on tablets and smartphones, legal and compliant.

Who is it for?

As part of the evolution of its products, Entaksi Solutions has developed an application software called mACT SIGN, which allows the user’s graphometric signature to be collected directly on the image of the PDF document on a suitable support.

The application can be effectively used to rationalize and to fluidify all those contexts (e.g. signing declarations, technical intervention reports, etc.) in which the forms to be signed are subjected to a large and poorly computerized audience of users. This allows you to totally cancel the costs induced by the production, the management and the conservation of paper documents in compliance with law, in a context of use that does not set psychological or technical entry thresholds for the final user.

mACT SIGN can be used on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones and, as long as the procedural and application context, envisaged by the current legislation and its limits, is respected. It has the same legal value as the signature that is normally affixed to paper documents, without requiring the usual measures to affix digital signatures (smartcards) from the final user.

The application can / must be interfaced with the management software owned by the customer in order to make possible and automate the transmission to and from the mobile device of the signature operations forms.

Commercial information

The user’s application license is distributed upon payment of an annual fee for each used mobile device.

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