In order to attribute legal value to documents, there is the eSIGN service, which manages all signature types in document workflows, up to the storage in compliance with the law.

Who is it for?

The eSIGN service allows you to use all types of electronic signature (simple, advanced, qualified - digital -, seal) required by law, guaranteeing the corresponding legal value for each type.

The signature workflows, which can be activated from the eSIGN user interface, make it possible to insert a set of documents in each single process and to manage, for each document, multiple signatures (signatures affixed by different subjects) and repeated ones (several signatures affixed by the same subject in different parts of the document).

Thanks to specific templates, eSIGN allows you to parametrically define all the signature procedures used in the company, the interested signers and the type of signature required (simple, advanced, qualified (digital), seal) which, in relation to the context of use, can / must be affixed in each phases of the management workflow.

In order to sign documents, regardless of the type of signature required, each signer will receive a notification mail and clicking on it, he will be able to sign documents thanks a One Time Password (OTP), which will be sent to the signatory’s mobile phone by SMS.

With a single authorization, eSIGN allows you to sign a single document in several parts or a set of documents. At the end of the signing process, all the involved documents are uploaded to the document management system and automatically transferred to storage, according to the rules and settings defined in the service. The service includes:

  • the definition of the signatory users' personal data;

  • the configuration of standard templates to define signature processes;

  • the definition of signature processes through templates (by standards) or completely configured according to the document;

  • the verification, control and management of the entire signature workflow from its start to its conclusion;

  • the subsequent legal preservation of documents, based on ePLUS service.

Commercial information

The eSIGN service is provided upon payment of an annual fee and a "consumption" cost which takes into account the type and quantity of signatures affixed.

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