The eSign service evolves and improves

24 November 2023
New service implementations

In order to offer continuous evolution of its services to its customers, Entaksi Solutions has implemented some new features for the eSIGN service.

Among the evolutionary features included, we list below those we believe are most relevant.

The rejection of a signature request and the management of the rejected processes.

The signatory user can reject the signing request by clicking the button in the reject section and entering the reason.
The request is thus rejected, the subsequent phases are not started and the process will be in a "Rejected" status in the Console.
The rejected process can still be restarted at a later time.
To manually restart a rejected process, the user simply must enter the process details and click the restart button: a new process will be created and started, identical to the previous one in terms of documents, division into phases and signatory users involved.

Automatic management of a signatory user’s attachments.

The possibility to make mandatory identity documents during signature by the signatory has been introduced.
The identity documents entered by the signatory user will be automatically registered in the console registry, reducing its manual management to practically zero.
Furthermore, this functionality is particularly important for AdES acceptance processes: it will not be possible to sign without first having entered the required documents.

Log in to the Console or
visit the page dedicated to the eSIGN service and read the updated user manual and discover the new features!