Entaksi achieves the ISO 37001 certification

20 October 2023
Entaksi's Anti-Bribery Management System has obtained the ISO 37001 certification

Entaksi Solutions SpA, in its effort to strengthen the trust of customers and business partners, has committed to obtaining the ISO 37001 "Anti-Bribery Management Systems" certification.

The ISO 37001 standard provides an international regulatory framework for the creation and adoption of a Anti-Bribery Management System, collecting indications and guidelines to prevent, detect, and respond to bribery phenomena in any organizational context.

Entaksi is actively committed to preventing, detecting and responding to both active and passive bribery practices, guaranteeing high standards of integrity. To achieve this certification, the company has adopted specific policies, procedures and preventive measures, promoting integrity and compliance of every business process.

Through the public document containing the Anti-Bribery Policy Entaksi explicitly states its commitment to preventing and taking action against bribery.

A dedicated mailbox, anticorruzione@entaksi.eu, has been created and assigned to the Anti-Bribery Compliance Function, that is responsible for collecting reports of possible bribery.

For more information, visit our pages dedicated to certifications and our policies.