Entaksi Solutions SpA has become Certification Authority (CA)

19 February 2024
Entaksi Solutions SpA has been included in the register of European trust services for issuing electronic signature and seal certificates.

As the culmination of an extensive journey of investments in skills, organization and infrastructure, and in line with its development plan, Entaksi Solutions SpA has been included in the eIDAS Trusted List, established under EU Regulation 910/20214 (eIDAS), also as a Certification Authority (CA), meaning it is now a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) for issuing of qualified certificates for electronic signatures and seals.

The achievement of this significant milestone, together with the others previously obtained both in the European and Italian context, along with the already on catalog solutions, allows us to fully cover the range of products and services necessary for the processing of IT documents, in compliance with European and Italian regulations, at every stage on their management process: creation, publication and sharing, copying, electronic signature, and preservation.