Entaksi introduces the qualified electronic seal

29 July 2022
Affixing of the qualified electronic seal at the end of the documents signing process

The Qualified electronic Seal Certificate (QeSeal), or qualified electronic seal, is similar to a qualified electronic signature, except that it does not identify uniquely a natural person but a legal one.

The electronic seal was introduced into the Italian legal system with the eIDAS Regulation (EU Regulation No. 910/2014 on digital identity), which defines it as a set of "data in electronic form, either enclosed or connected by logical association to other data in electronic form to ensure the origin and integrity of the latter", and this guarantee the origin, authenticity and integrity of an IT document or other digital asset to which it is affixed.

On the basis of the provisions of article 35 of the eIDAS Regulation, the seal is therefore suitable for carrying out probative functions since it provides proof of data origin of the IT document or of the digital asset of the legal entity to which the seal refers.

In Italy, the QeSeal is governed by AgID, with its "Guidelines on the formation, management and preservation of IT documents".

Starting from the latest update of the eSIGN service, which has been released today, the signing process will be completed also affixing a qualified electronic seal on the document, in order to guarantee traceability to Entaksi of the signature process management.